The Best of Anime: 2012


Given that 2012 ended over a month ago, I figured I should probably strike while the iron is still reasonably lukewarm and do an end of year ‘best of’ for anime, especially given that the whole season wrap-up thing I had planned to make a regular feature went nowhere. Essentially I found that I couldn’t be bothered writing about all of the shows I had watched every three months since I tended to find that I had little to say about the ones I enjoyed, I couldn’t really find the motivation to write about the so-so shows and unfortunately I had the most to say about the shows I disliked, making for a very uneven and ranty wrap-up (yes, I am aware that I have issues).

Anyway, back to the main subject. The rules behind my picks are quite simple:

1. My lists only include shows I have actually watched. I cannot speak to the quality of shows I didn’t watch, but chances are I never gave them a look-see for a reason. This rule will especially be true for the most disappointing shows since it’s not fair to categorize shows as being terrible – even if they actually are – when I’ve never seen them; hence the reason I don’t have a ‘worst of’ category.

2. A show needs to have ended in 2012, so any two cour (season) shows that started in 2012 but have continued into 2013 are ineligible.

So with that said, here are the 2012 winners:

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