Am I Done With Anime?


*** This is primarily just a rant. You have been warned. ***

I suppose this is just me reaching my breaking point after having watched so much anime that I’ve become cynical towards the constant repetition and lack of creativity with shows these days. It’s just something I need to get out of my system. I’m not looking for an argument, I’m not seeking anyone else’s opinion and I’m not looking to be told how I’m wrong, nor am I trying to change anyone’s opinion either. I’m just ranting because I feel I need to.

This Winter 2014 season has been one of the worst seasons I’ve seen since I started watching anime. It’s possible that my tastes are simply changing, but despite watching the same number of shows on average that I usually do in a given season, it feels as though the quality and my enjoyment of said shows has been very low. While there were a few decent series, most were rather sub-par and the cream of the crop weren’t exactly at the level of the best shows from previous seasons. The top series were actually several that had carried over from the prior season, but even then some of those ultimately petered out.

Usually I’ll watch, or at least start watching, about half of the shows in a given season, excepting shows that are generally not aimed at me, genres that don’t hold my interest or others that just look plain awful or stupid. A good number won’t make it past the first episode before being dropped and, though I hate to do so because it gives me the mixed feeling of having wasted my time while also not persevering enough to stick with it to the end, one or two usually get the axe around the three-quarters mark when it’s clear they’re going nowhere.

The selection this past season had been pretty lackluster, so I doubt I even started watching a quarter of what was on offer. On top of that, several of the shows I did give a chance were so bad I dropped them after the first three episodes (*cough*Hamatora*cough*); there were even two that I had pretty much written off before the first episode was even over due to their sheer awfulness (I’m looking at you D-Frag and Witchcraft Works ). Most of the others were plagued by lazy, clichéd or just plain awful writing.

I found this all very disheartening.

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