Top 10 Heart-Broken Anime Girls

kanna_cryingHarem shows are the anime industry’s bread and butter these days, with studios churning out show after show wherein multiple girls vie for the affections of one (loser/bland) guy. It only seems logical that fans often have at least one particular girl in any given series that they end up rallying behind, which is why the creators often end things without any one girl being chosen, thereby keeping their audience sated while leaving themselves an opening for continued harem hijinks in the future.

But every once in a blue moon a show will make the bold decision, for varying reasons, to have one girl come out on top in the romance department. Naturally, with only one girl gaining exclusive rights to the male lead’s heart, it’s inevitable that one or more of the girls not chosen are going to end up heart-broken.

In these instances I often find that I have thrown my support behind the wrong girl, which leaves me almost as heart-broken as the girls I was rooting for. Hence the origin for this post listing the top ten anime girls that I felt the most sympathy for when their hearts were broken, even if we’re not really shown the extent of their heartbreak or it was obvious from the beginning that they had no chance.

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Entropic State of the Industry: North American Anime Distributors

You want us but you can’t have us…

As mentioned previously, I will be rolling out a few new regular segments on this blog, and Entropic State of the Industry will be one of them. Essentially this will be a feature designed for me to rant and rave or express some form of displeasure with the sorry state of the media industry, primarily in relation to anime, video games and film/television, but I reserve the right to bitch about whatever my little heart desires (my heart may be small, but there is no correlation between heart size and the size of other love organs, just so you know).

This past week I heard the great news that my favorite anime, Bakemonogatari, was finally licensed and would (most probably at this point in time) be released for future purchase in North America. I was ecstatic – for all of one second, because then I saw who would be distributing it: Aniplex of America. In my not so humble opinion, of all the possible choices out there, this is the worst possible company that could hold the rights to this great show.

So with that information in mind, now seemed like the ideal opportunity to start off this new segment with a few of my issues with the state of the North American anime licensors and distributors.

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