Final Impressions: Resident Evil 6

Disclaimer: Please note that this post will be chock full of SPOILER-y goodness. Proceed at your own peril.

I finally finished Capcom’s Resident Evil 6, and given the ups and downs the series has seen in the last few years, I figured providing my impressions of the game would make for a good blog post. I’ve played through all of the campaigns, once as each playable character, as well as testing out some of the extras the game has to offer, so I feel I’ve explored much of the content involved.

For a little perspective on my background with the Resident Evil series, I didn’t fully jump in until I played Resident Evil 4. I was never really a survival-horror genre fan (never been a fan of horror in general) so the first several games never piqued my interest enough to pick them up.

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Latest Obsession: Sankarea

Anyone who knows me well knows that I will often become interested in something new to the point of infatuation, often spending hours reading up on it, playing it or browsing the internet for anything related. These obsessions can range from anywhere between temporary, perhaps lasting as little as a day, to a life-long interest, lasting, well, a lifetime (in case you hadn’t figured out what that meant).

That being said, I figured it might be a neat idea to share with the world the occasional “obsession of the moment” in a new segment I will simply call Latest Obsession, which should hopefully be the first of several new segments I hope to start rolling out in the next few weeks. The hope with this particular category is that perhaps I can introduce new things to people or perhaps shed new light on them with my perspective. At the very least, I’m documenting a particular interest of mine at a specific moment in time to see how long-term the interest is.

So without further ado, let me introduce my first obsession of the moment: Sankarea.

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